About THOP

THOP is your one-stop shop partner in the hunt for talent in procurement and facility management and the development of your procurement or facility department within an effective operational framework. We bring companies and candidates in contact with each other. And with our 30 years of experience in the sector we provide the improving solutions you are looking for. Like a true business partner we enjoy thinking along with you. We like to be involved in the projects we manage or carry out for you and strive to develop preferably long-term relations. Sharing knowledge is our thing: whoever joins forces with us, can count on countless cases, examples, templates and tools.
Our closely-knit team is small but incredibly dedicated. Proactive and motivated as they are, they have all grown into true experts, each of them with their own specific job, market and product expertise

Ronald Jordens

Managing Partner

The management of The House of Procurement is in the hands of Ronald Jordens, who can present 30 years of experience in national and international procurement, supply chain and facility management and consulting positions. In time, Ronald started to focus on the HR aspects of these positions as well, at the request of his clients, and has developed expertise in finding HR solutions for many large and medium-sized companies. In the past years, as a pioneer within Supply Chain Capacity and Pro-Cured he has been particularly active in this field. With THOP, he and his team now continue to provide the market at a quickened pace and a heightened standard. Along the way, Ronald continued to find that many organizations keep requiring support in order to sustainably design result-oriented procurement and supply chain improvement programs that contribute to developing their maturity and financial results. For that reason, Ronald decided to kick off 2019 with a combined service where these niche HR solutions and the targeted support of procurement and supply issues occupy centre stage under one roof.

Sigrid Bonroy

Senior Business Partner

THOP’s back office is in the safe hands of Sigrid Bonroy. She has specially designed THOP to handle administrative processes and the systems, with which she is responsibility for increasing Talent Search productivity: streamlining day-to-day tasks for quicker sourcing, searching and matching with which she enables an incredible Candidate Experience. In addition, Sigrid keeps a close watch on the contract and financial processes.

Marc Colpin

Talent Sourcing Specialist

Every applicant has his/her own personal track record and goals for the future. In our experience on the market, we have found that HR departments often put too much of a focus on key words in resumes in their search for candidates, creating an impersonal, sometimes unpleasant, relationship between HR officers and candidates. To the extent that candidates can become irritated because he/she is being swamped by emails, keeping applicants from being able to form an authentic relationship with HR offices. As the Talent Sourcing Specialist at THOP, Marc attaches a great deal of importance to building and maintaining a sustainable bond of trust with candidates and consultants. He focusses on the accurate knowledge of hard/soft skills, personality and ambition of candidates. For Marc, a qualitative recruitment and selection process with client and candidate is of paramount importance in order to create the right match

Birger Van Melckebeke

Digital Marketing & Talent Sourcing

Many customers and job seekers know THOP from the network that we have built up over many years, with which we keep active contact. On the other hand, these clients and candidates in the growing internet world demand ever faster and digital solutions. For Birger Van Melckebeke, bits & bytes are like tap water. Our digital native effortlessly makes his way through the digital jungle of Google Analytics, SEO and SEA. In this way, he propagates our online branding to our markets and visualizes his insights in well-arranged dashboards. The right talents are scouted and approached online to serve our customers efficiently and quickly. In addition, Birger also ensures THOP’s online appearance, in order to attract the best purchasing and supply chain talents.

Muriel Goetstouwers

Talent Sourcing Specialist

Muriel looks as Talent Sourcing Specialist for the perfect candidate match for your organization. In addition to a right skillset and substantive knowledge, she is also looking for a matching vision, culture and personality. For Muriel, it is important to build a good relationship, both with candidate ànd client. That relationship starts with a warm conversation and a truthful information exchange. Muriel considers a good follow-up, maintaining a good and open contact as at least as important.

Inge Possemiers

Senior Talent Sourcing Specialist

Inge can look back on more than 30 years Procurement Management experience within a world of constant change, whereas she led various procurement transformation-, digitization- and saving projects. Within this area, Inge has derived so much insights and pleasure from her experiences in working with people, that she is your exquisite sourcing partner to match the best candidates with your vacancies. Inge combines her role as Senior Talent Sourcing Specialist with job coach and as guest lecturer at UCLL.

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Procurement- en Facility Management Solution Partners

Specialized and independent Procurement and Facility Management consultants know the importance of entrepreneurship and constant investments. Through THOP, they continue to build respect and trust in important relations with whom they form an important expertise network. Owing to this, growth and profitability are guaranteed in order to show our added value to our clients.

They know that investing in THOP’s Solutions Network means long-term competitive advantages, with which they bundle experiences and expertise into a force that brings about constant business opportunities. In doing so they share their devotion to perfection in the various sub-areas of Procurement and Facility Management.